Phuket Advanced Real Estate


Phuket Advanced Real Estate will ensure that you and your family are going to spend unforgettable 
holidays in paradise. Not only do we rent apartments, villas, houses or hotel rooms but also offer several other services. Once you book your vacation with us, we will send you an email including other services you may be interested in

Among other services are: motorcycle rental, car hire, private chauffeur, boat rental, golf passes, tickets for trips, shows and more.

We guarantee to provide you with the best prices. Instead of going to Phuket and bargain prices with several travel agencies just make your booking in the comfort of your own home. This will enable you to relax upon your arrival.

If you are looking for specific hotel accommodation, do not hesitate to send us an email.  .


Following services may be booked with us:


Motorbikes, cars and boats: These 6 vehicles are just a few that we have to offer.
We also provide private chauffeur

Honda Click start @ 200 B per day 
Honda PCX start @ 250 B per day     
TMAX start @ 550 B per day 
Ninja start @ 900 B per day      
Honda Civic start @ 1000 B per day     
Fortuner start @ 1400 B per day
For luxury boat rental please send us an Email and we will send you informations.






Golf Courses: Phuket is known for its  amazingly beautiful Golf courses. There are 8 golf courses on the island. The green Fee starts  at 1000 bath and goes up to 6000 bath. Depending on the season we may be able to provide you with a discount of up to 25%.  For Golf fanatics condos can be rented directly on the golf course. We gladly provide you with more information.






Island Trips: Phuket and its surroundings are said to be some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world! The most famous ones are Phi Phi Island, Similand Island and James Bond Island. We also offer other island trips to Raya Beach, Racha Island, Coral Islands, Kai Island and many more.






Shows, Trips and Fun: On the whole island of Phuket there are many Shows, Trips and other fun things to do! It will never get boring during your holidays. Thailand's most famous show, the Phuket Fantasea or the Phuket Zoo where they have the famous elephant and crocodile show, are definitely worth a visit. Another great option is the Phuket Island Trip with many sightseeings, including Thailand's biggest Buddha. If you are looking for fun things to do, then look no further: Bungee Jumping, Carting, Bowling, Shooting Range and Paintball are only a few of the fun activities the island offers.